"Every Other Weekend" is a day-in-the-life story about the volatile relationship between a strong willed 10 year old girl and her misguided alcoholic mother. The film stars actress Keala Settle (Tony nominated Broadway veteran who stars as the Bearded Lady in the movie musical, The Greatest Showman) and two highly talented child actors - Angelina Palma and Julian Lerner.

At the outset of the film, tensions run deep between Mom and daughter, Ruby, as the two attempt to navigate a relationship that has become strained as a result of Mom’s drinking habit. When Ruby tells her mother that she has given up music to instead pursue art, Mom takes this news as a personal rejection of everything she stands for and values. This small conflict sets into motion a day that quickly spirals out of control. As Mom fails to stay sober, Ruby is forced to make a decision that risks disaster for all.





Keala Settle

Angelina Palma

Julian Lerner

Bradly Ellison

Paul Nazak



Josh Victor Rothstein



Josh Victor Rothstein

Candace Little



Jim Helton


Director of Photography

Evan Jake Cohen



Schuyler Weiss



Carlos Zozaya


Co- Producer

Jim Helton