Epilogue, 2013, 16min

Writer / Director: Dylan Allen
Producer: Eddy Vallante, Rebecca Brice, Dylan Allen
Cinematographer / Editor: Evan Jake Cohen
Cast: Chris Henry Coffey, Lucy Walters

At the end of his greatest adventure, Skillman has vanquished his nemesis, recovered the priceless artifact, and saved his latest lover from certain doom. But as he struggles to figure out what comes next, his lady begins to realize her confident, capable man hasn't the first clue what to do once the guns are down.

2013 Tribeca Film Festival - (Nominated Best Narrative Short)

Featured on The Atlantic, Vimeo Staff Picks, The Dissolve, Short of the Week, NoBudge, Film Shortage, io9, Geek Tyrant, Neatorama, Uproxx, Fast Company, Cereal Prize, Cinephilia & Beyond and the London Film Review